medium length film - 45min - digital - 2013

writer, director. Lukas Feigelfeld

camera. Mariel Baqueiro

production. Matthias Nerlich / dffb

music. Roly Porter



Erol Nowak, Christoph Krutzler

Janina Batoly, Alexandra Cwen

Thomas Petruo, Dima Tronin




On a plane island where a cold wind blows over the paltry landscape and a few mighty concrete buildings rise into the sky,

lies the work-colony #191286.

Piwonka is one of a handfull of migrant workers who are forced to work here under harsh conditions. Already for months he is seperated from his beloved wife, as a fatal incident at the main drilling-tower occurs.

Piwonka is only left with the memory and longing for his wife.

Before everything seems to fall apart, she is able to interfere with his dreams, bringing him closer to her.





Destination Wien 2015 - Kunsthalle Wien - exhibition - Austria

Diagonale Film Festival 2014 - short film competition - Austria

Fünf Seen Film Festival 2014 - Germany

Filmz Mainz 2014 - Germany