short film - 22min - super16mm - 2010

writer, director. Lukas Feigelfeld

camera. Mariel Baqueiro

production. Matthias Nerlich, Christian Specht / dffb

cast. Anna Eger, Janosch Becker




The World is covered in a thick and ominous fog. A mother and her 5 years old son are seeking refuge in the countryside. Tormented by a sick leg, the young mother is not able to see the lack of care for her scared and confused child. Crying she struggles to fall asleep in his arms, while the dangerous fog arrives in the village.

As the situation escalates he is at last pushed to a desperate and dangerous decision.




- Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival 2011 - Germany

- Lago Filmfest 2011 - Italy

- Bayerisches Fernsehen - Junge Kinonacht 2012