medium length film – 45min – digital – 2013
writer, director. Lukas Feigelfeld
dop. Mariel Baqueiro
production. Matthias Nerlich / dffb
music. Roly Porter

Erol Nowak, Christoph Krutzler
Janina Batoly, Alexandra Cwen
Thomas Petruo, Dima Tronin


On a barren island, dominated by towering concrete structures, stands work-colony #191286.

Piwonka, like the other migrant workers, faces tough conditions as they labor in this unforgiving place. After months of separation from his beloved wife, tragedy strikes when a fatal incident occurs at the main drilling-tower.

In the midst of despair, she discovers a means to unite with him in his dreams, offering the only escape.



Destination Wien 2015 – Kunsthalle Wien – exhibition – Austria
Diagonale Film Festival 2014 – short film competition – Austria
Fünf Seen Film Festival 2014 – Germany
Filmz Mainz 2014 – Germany